Serious about stewardship.

Kimco developed our own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy because being good stewards delivers better outcomes for everyone.

This is the heart of our responsibility.

As facilities cleaning and maintenance experts, we recognize our work inherently makes an impact. We are committed to leaving the smallest-possible footprint and delivering a higher quality of life. Kimco created our CSR to focus on our people, our community and our planet.

Kimco consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

Pride and self-respect for our people.

Empowered hiring.

Responsible for more than 5,000 employees, Kimco strives to attract the right talent for each role. We know consistency of staffing is key to delivering your outcomes, so we clearly define job roles and set pay at market rates – well above minimum wage.

Employee validation.

Kimco conducts best-in-class employee validation, including E-Verify, to ensure our people and our clients are confident in the team around them.

Learning and development.

We provide agile, continuous training that’s accessible to all employees and enables growth within our company.

Timekeeping technology.

From keeping accurate timecards to maintaining the most effective schedules, we employ technology to ensure fairness, improve accountability and proactively manage our most valued asset, our people.

Transparent leadership.

By providing clear direction and respectful feedback, we are committed to creating trust and long-term stability.

Care for our planet.

Green-certified products.

Whenever possible and appropriate, we use cleaning products that are certified by Green Seal, the gold standard of certification. We also utilize green cleaning equipment solutions, designed to minimize day-day impact.

Eco-friendly driving.

Beyond our environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles, we also reward our drivers for using safe driving techniques, and we employ route optimization software to minimize mileage.

Kimco has earned the ISSA CIMS-GB Certified with Honors (logo)

ISSA CIMS-GB with Honors certification.

We are proud to meet the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) “Green Building” criteria. This external audit certifies that Kimco uses sustainable cleaning practices in addition to the management of best practices identified in the five core sections of the CIMS.

Curated distribution and supply chain

Kimco maintains national relationships with like-minded suppliers, including:

Work with the green-minded team.