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Kimco focuses on cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on your business.

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More for less. From controlling costs and fine-tuning the schedule to understanding your specific standards, Kimco gives the best value possible across every industry.

Solutions designed for you. Because every facility requires different outcomes, we tailor our cleaning and maintenance solutions for you. You can be confident we won’t waste your time or money on unnecessary measures.

A partner that never rests. Just like you, Kimco is always looking for ways to improve. Backed by data, our technology helps you make informed decisions about your Kimco solutions. We continually introduce new ways to calibrate your services and deliver the outcomes you need.

Kimco really understood our needs and developed the perfect program to streamline our cleaning service.”

Kimco works across industries to deliver the right outcomes.


Providing superior learning environments.

More than custodians, we understand how our services can help reduce student absences, improve safety standards and empower administrators to make informed decisions. Consider us your partner in education, able to deliver the security, transparency and compliance you need for successful outcomes.

Banking and Finance

Cost-efficient solutions for complex distributed portfolios.

We do our due diligence to protect your brand and implement efficiencies across all of your facilities. Through background checks, safety training records and facility security, we provide transparency in how we work to minimize risk. Look to us for the experience, tools and processes to ensure every facility is cleaned to your specifications.

Commercial Buildings

Delivering qualitative and cost improvements.

Efficiency is crucial for commercial buildings. Kimco actively seeks to streamline and improve services by proactively managing our team, and sourcing quality, cost-effective products that boost cleaning power and improve productivity.


Supporting fiscal prudence of public monies.

Cost is a primary consideration in the government sector. Yet so is risk management. We know how to achieve the right balance by streamlining cleaning solutions, and by facilitating transparency through safety training records and zero tolerance on background check compliance.


Services to facilitate the healing process.

For environmental services we provide a careful mix of sanitation standards, compliance and brand protection. We help minimize
risk with safety training records, background checks and facility
security. We also employ aseptic protocols to reduce likelihood of
Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI).

Industrial & Manufacturing

Solutions designed for interruption-free production.

It’s crucial that cleaning and maintenance solutions are integrated seamlessly – with no interruption to the manufacturing process or your team. To achieve this, Kimco delivers robust yet flexible scheduling to meet ever-changing schedules and demands.


Focusing on store image and shopper experience.

Today’s retailers need solutions that enhance their brand, control costs and integrate with store teams. While we deliver high cleaning standards, we strive to lower costs by calibrating scheduling, using high-efficacy cleaning products and continuously seeking cost improvements.

Sports and Entertainment

Enhancing venue appearance and the guest experience.

In sports and entertainment, there are no second chances — it’s vital for us to get the job right the first time. By proactively engaging with on-site teams, we deliver solutions that support your brand, showcase your venue and keep guests coming back for more.


Carefully maintaining critical assets.

Kimco excels in solutions that facilitate critical business processes – with no interruptions. We tailor our cleaning solutions for your cleanroom, critical spaces and controlled environments, including raised-floor spaces and data centers. Our systems and processes ensure your specifications are precisely met and your assets are protected.

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